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Hello! Welcome to Stridek Movers! We just launched our facebook page and we are so excited! We will be offering some of our moving insights, tips, upcoming promotions and services. Do take some time to check out our FaceBook. We love feedback and don't forget to LIKE us!

Stridek Movers aims to provide efficient, realible and affordable moving solutions. Relocation can present quite a challenge. When planning your move, figuring out even the first step is rather daunting, as there are countless details to consider and tons of preparations to make. Before you start to panic, take a deep breath and relax, because Stridek Movers are here to help!

Don't know where to start? We'll draw up a checklist for you. No time to pack? Our employees can do it for you. Your home needs a fresh coat of paint? We’ll have our professionals paint your walls to a pristine finish. Our services are comprehensive!

We are honest, hard working people with years of experience in the moving & transportation industry. We promise to provide a hassle-free move that is fast, efficient and most importantly - affordable. In our hearts, Your Progress Comes First.

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We moved for Xiaxue and Diah! In case you don't know who's they, both are Singapore's top bloggers. Take a look at what they said about us below!

Xiaxue said:
xiaxue movers

Diah Said:
Diah movers

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Singapore Movers

We at Stridek are an outstanding moving company with years of experience in the moving industry to meet your needs. We provide our customers with the most efficient services at the most affordable rates.

If you’re looking for solutions, then we’ve got you covered! Our Movers Plan Checklist is just one of our many moving solutions that help make your relocation easy. We also offer a team of dedicated employees who will handle your packing for you. We have professional painters who will paint your home or office as well. Because every move is different, our company will send a Mover Specialist to examine your home, office, or commercial location to see what your specific needs are. We will offer you a flat rate price at the end of our visit. This free inspection will guarantee that you are not surprised by any hidden fees.

Stridek Movers also handles international moves. Moving your home or commercial business to another country requires someone with extensive knowledge in freight management and overseas logistics. Our company has years of experience in handling international moves.

Packing your house and moving into another has never been easier. Our movers will pack up your house with care and skill, and unpack for you at your new location.

All Stridek customers will receive a complimentary copy of Stridek's Guide to Moving. Inside you will find checklists, reminders, helpful information, and tips and tricks that will help expedite your move, so that when the big day comes you'll be better prepared.

Do your part in making the world a better place. During a move, lots of unwanted belongings are discarded. Instead of throwing them away, consider a heartfelt donation! Click here to see what you can do to help!